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DigiPol Technologies News Release

Rudolph Instruments, founded in 1948 by Hellmuth Rudolph in New Jersey, has been a historical and global name in the manufacture of Digital Polarimeters.

DigiPol Digital Polarimeters and Saccharimeters
DigiPol Digital Polarimeters and Saccharimeters

We are now changing our company name to DigiPol Technologies in order to create a distinctive identity for our leading edge brand name technology the DigiPol 781 series of Automatic Polarimeters. The Rudolph Instruments DigiPol brand has long been synonymous with innovative and quality Polarimeter Technology.

The name change coincides with the introduction of the latest DigiPol Technology the "DigiPol 781 M6U Nova" a fully featured Automatic Polarimeter designed to comply with all the leading Pharma requirements; USP, BP, JP, and EP. On this occasion we rededicate ourselves to the vision of innovative and quality technology of our founder, Mr. Hellmuth Rudolph.

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